If you love your pets like family this is the veterinary hospital for you. I have used this hospital for many years and despite occasionally going somewhere else have not found the service or care this group provides. The staff is the best I have ever seen and Dr. Young is a caring honest veterinarian. They go out of their way to help in any way they can. When you get older like my husband and I that alone is worth its weight in gold. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Joanie Miller, Guntersville, Alabama

When my husband and I were relocating to Guntersville from Atlanta, I spent several weekends here making unannounced visits with the local veterinary clinics. My priority was the best medical care and loving treatment available for my family of cats, and hopefully, a friendship as well. I found all that in Guntersville Animal Hospital and have been a client ever since. Dr. Young exceeds in his field and I am confident all my cats (and 2 dogs) are getting the best of care in his very capable hands. He is kind, gentle and compassionate to my animals and to me, and has a wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable staff, all of whom I consider my friends. Working with Dr. Young and his staff has truly been a pleasure, and has made many a hard moment a lot more bearable. If you want the best, you’ll absolutely find it here. My cats approve this message!

Sandra Jimerson, Guntersville, Alabama

We began seeing Dr. Young when we were referred to him in an effort to save our beloved Loosie. We were treated as if we had been going there for years. Everyone was very sensitive to our crisis situation. One thing that impressed us, at that time, was the decor in the treatment room has a feel of a home, warm and peaceful, rather than cold and medical. As a Christian, we immediately knew we were in the right place for us and it was obvious how quickly everyone there picks up on those who feel their pets are an important family member. We now have Duke and Gracie, and yet, again, within five months of bringing our new babies home, Gracie was in a life threatening accident that could have cost her life, her foot, or the opportunity to ever walk, run, and play normally. Thanks to the attitude, experience, loving care and prayer that comes from all the staff at Dr. Young’s office, today she is perfectly healthy and happy and you would never know she had ever had any problem at all. We’re forever grateful.

Debbie & Jim Benson, Guntersville, Alabama

It has been our good fortune to have a competent and caring vet so close to our home. My wife and I have three Shelties (Barkley, Barney & Binki) and Dr.Young has taken what seems to be a special interest in all the dogs but unfortunately, the oldest one passed. Right up until the last, Dr. Young and his staff were there with their support and did everything possible for our little Barkley. They continue to help us take good care of Barney & Binki. We thank Dr. Young and his staff for their continuing care of our pets.

Jeff & Lisa Cook, Guntersville, Alabama

After moving here, Guntersville Animal Hospital began taking care of our beloved pets. Our pet family included Charlie, Rocky, Rambo, Peaches, Kitty, Sophie, and now Copper and Izzy. How lucky for us Dr. Chuck Young moved here and started practicing. Over the years a number of medical situations arose and we were immediately taken care of in a loving, considerate, and timely manner by a great staff. Sometimes we needed care beyond the scope of what could be provided, so Dr. Chuck sent our animals to Auburn and Birmingham for specialized treatment. Our pets are also our “children” so whether you come for regular visits or medical emergency, you can be assured that the Guntersville Animal Hospital will take care of your pets!

Charles & Toni Langford, Guntersville, Alabama

My name is Gale Kappler and I have been a long time satisfied client of Dr. Chuck Young and the Guntersville Animal Hospital. Since I live in the country I always have a group of dogs that adopt me. Of course, when they find me they always need medical attention. Dr. Young and his staff have always been very helpful with each puppy, dog, or cat that shows up at my house. I have been very impressed with the compassionate and expert care my dogs receive from him as well as his professional and friendly staff. I highly recommend them for the care of the pets we all love and cherish.

Gale Kappler, Guntersville, Alabama

I have been taking my dogs to Guntersville Animal Hospital for almost 40 years. This hospital and its staff have demonstrated a true commitment to the care of my animals. They have provided excellent and professional care of my dogs from adolescence throughout their adult life. They do not hesitate to refer your animal to a specialist when a serious condition arises. Recently, my German Shepherd T-mo died. I adopted this dog from the hospital 10 years ago. Dr. Young provided excellent medical care throughout my dog’s illness. He kept me informed and sent x-rays to Auburn University for confirmation of the diagnosis. They all were so helpful and showed a deep concern as well as compassion at the loss of my pet. I have also boarded my dogs there and without exception was pleased with their care. Based on all of the above, I will continue to take my dogs there and highly recommend them for the care of your animals

Mary Dowling, Guntersville, Alabama

My name is Ray Charles. No, I’m not blind and I don’t play the piano, but I have some other challenges. I am a handsome four year old black and tan pug. I have a seizure disorder and over the past few years have suffered over 100 seizures. Sometimes the seizures are brief but other times they are horrendous and life threatening. You can imagine how upset and scared my mom gets. Dr. Young and the staff at Guntersville Animal Hospital have worked hard at saving my life and keeping the quality of my life at its max. They are also good at calming my mom down too. My sister Gretchen, a very old (oops- make that elderly) Pekingese with the temperament of a diva, is also grateful for the geriatric care she receives. Did I mention that my best friend was adopted through Guntersville Animal Hospital? If you’ll take the word of a handsome barrel chested pug you’ll visit them for the best in professionalism, expertise and tender loving care. They don’t treat me like a dog!!

Patti Prosch, Guntersville, Alabama

When Ron, Bogie, Louie and I floated into Guntersville many years ago, one of the first concerns was to find a veterinarian for Bogie and Louie. Bogie and Louie are not just our dogs but our children. It was a must to have a compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian and everyone who works with him to be compassionate too. We have had a couple of concerns with both of our babies since we have been here and Dr. Young and his staff have taken such wonderful care of them and have kept us well informed. Thank you Dr. Young and your wonderful team for all that you do. The Stallings’ appreciate you!

Angela & Ron Stallings, Guntersville, Alabama

My name is Linda Vaughn. I am a business owner in Guntersville and have been a client of the Guntersville Animal Hospital for many years. I am a loving owner of many rescued pets. Dr. Young and his staff have always been courteous and respectful, and they treat each of my pets with the utmost care and attention. I completely trust Dr. Young’s professional opinion and recommendations. If ever one of my pets required further attention, Dr. Young does not hesitate to refer to a highly knowledgeable specialist. I would recommend them to anyone who loves their pet.

Linda Vaughn, Guntersville, Alabama

Contact and Hours

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Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
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Guntersville Animal Hospital & Surgery Center
1609 Henry Street
Guntersville, AL 35976

We are located right behind the Finley Plaza Shopping Center on Hwy 69 before going across the causeway toward Arab.  The Guntersville Memorial Chapel Funeral Home is also next to us.


If our staff cannot be reached after hours (256-505-1878) due to being out of cell service and you have a medical emergency, please immediately call Huntsville Veterinary Emergency. They can be reached any hour we are closed (weeknights, weekends, or holidays) throughout the year at 256-715-8389.



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