GAH Grooming Salon

Welcome to the GAH Grooming Salon. Whether you have a prancing poodle, bouncing beagle or carefree kitty you’ve come to the right place. At our salon each pet is treated with the utmost care, as if they were our own. No two pets are alike, so it only makes sense to give each one a specific, individualized day at the spa. When you leave your pet with us you can be assured they are treated lovingly during their entire stay.

Why is grooming important?
For each and every pet, grooming begins at home. Slicker brushes and metal combs that reach the skin work for most dogs and cats. Regular brushing reduces the shedding in your home, prevents matting on double-coated breeds and breeds that do not shed, such as poodles. It also allows owners to become more familiar with their pets body, which in turn helps them notice problems more quickly. Owners who regularly spend time brushing their pets will be able to tell more easily if their pet has gained or lost weight (either can be a sign of a serious medical condition), has fleas or ticks, or has lumps or bumps that may need medical attention. Plus, quality time with pets helps owners reduce stess- and that’s often reason enough for many people!

What do we offer?
At each visit your pet will be checked over from nose to tail. Coat and skin condition are assessed to make sure your pet gets the special treatment they need, such as deshedding, dematting, or flea and tick treatments. If necessary, a precut will be done to make bathing your pet easier and allow the shampoos to be more effective.Gentle shampoos clean without drying the skin or coat, or a medicated shampoo may be used if needed. Conditioning is also available. After the bath each pet is hand dried, cage dried, or toweled and air dried depending on the temperment, breed and health condition of the pet. Cleaning the ears, trimming the nails, and expressing the anal glands are all part of the basic quality package each pet recieves during their visit. Finally, your pet is fully groomed in the style discussed at check-in. Optional services such as toothbrushing, nail painting, luxury shampoos, and bows or bandanas are also available. Breed specific or custom cuts are no problem for our professional staff.

Why you’ll love us
As owners of pets who need regular “spa days” ourselves, we understand the need to have our own pets regularly groomed. We believe in setting the bar at its highest for each pet with a true love for pets, and it shows!

Contact and Hours

Phone:  256-582-3184
Fax:  256-582-8139

Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - Noon
Closed Sunday


Guntersville Animal Hospital & Surgery Center
1609 Henry Street
Guntersville, AL 35976

We are located right behind the Finley Plaza Shopping Center on Hwy 69 before going across the causeway toward Arab.  The Guntersville Memorial Chapel Funeral Home is also next to us.


If our staff cannot be reached after hours (256-505-1878) due to being out of cell service and you have a medical emergency, please immediately call Huntsville Veterinary Emergency. They can be reached any hour we are closed (weeknights, weekends, or holidays) throughout the year at 256-715-8389.



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